Welcome 42 Players!

   Here at 42-Online.net we strive to provide a clean atmosphere where families or individuals may come and enjoy a friendly game of 42. A place where people of all ages, from many different places may meet, chat and have a good time.

   All you need to do is register with our website and download our free software.

   Our 42-Online software allows you to connect with our game server through your regular internet connection. Once connected, you can create a new table (make a new game), join an open table, or sign up for a tourney game in one of our many tournaments, watch a game in progress or chat with friends in the lobby or in private.

   The software's ease of use allows you to set up most of the common rule variations such as barebones, plunge, 3 types of nello, 3 types of follow-me and sevens. Create a table and allow others to join or play against bots (computer players) or a combination of the two.


The 42-Online Software Requires A Microsoft Windows Operating System

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