Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is 42-Online?

42-Online is a privately owned 42 game site on the internet, offering the opportunity for 42 players around the world to play the "National Game of Texas" from the comfort of their homes on their computer.

2. What is the cost of 42-Online?

42-Online is free. There is no cost to join or play.

3. Since 42-Online is free, am I going to get popups and advertisements?

42-Online currently does not have advertising of any kind. There are no popup windows associated with running our program and there are no plans for there to ever be popups. At some point in the future, there may be advertising space sold on the website, but only stationary ads with links.

4. How do I get the program and how does it work?

The 42-Online program can be downloaded from our website on the Download Page. The program is in two parts: one part you download to your computer; the other part is run from our 42-Online server. The two, working together, make up the entire 42-Online game experience

5. Does the 42-Online program contain any spyware?

No. The 42-Online is free from all spyware and advertising programs. It does not intrude on your computer privacy. All the program does is provide the interface to the 42-Online server for game play.

6. Can anyone play?

Just about! 42-Online is free and open to all who will complete registration and follow the rules. All age groups are invited. Players under 18 will be required to state so, and their parents will be notified, asking for approval.


1. How do I register for 42-Online?

To register for 42-Online, go to the site Registration Page. If you are a returning member, whose membership has expired, select "existing" member, otherwise choose "new member" from the dropdown menu. Also select your age group and country of residency. Press the "continue" button after your selections are made. Read all three pages of site terms and conduct rules, along with the site privacy statement and click I Agree to each one. If you agree with these, you will be permitted access to the registration form. Fill out the form completely and truthfully and submit your request. Completion of this form will generate an email to the site manager with your registration request. You are NOT automatically registered. Your registration request will be reviewed for completeness and your data will be checked for accuracy. After this review is complete, you will be contacted. Your registration either will be accepted, rejected, or you will be asked for additional clarification.

2. How long will it take for my registration to be processed?

It depends on several things. Registrations are processed manually. If there is a small number of registration requests being worked and if your information is easily verified, you can be processed within 72 hours. If, however, you omit required information, or if your information is hard to verify, it can take longer. No registration will be processed without verification.

3. How can I help speed up the registration process?

First, complete all the information requested accurately. Do not omit or put down false information. Second, if you are a college student, be sure and include your permanent address and phone number along with your parent's names. Third, if you have moved to a new residence recently, also include your previous residence. If for any reason your address and phone are listed in someone else's name, include that information in the comments.

4. Why are you requiring so much personal information for a free online game?

We get this question quite often, as many people have a concern about giving out too much personal information. First, your personal information is used ONLY on this site for verification purposes and for contacting you as needed by the site management. It is never released to anyone else, nor is it sold. Please read our Privacy Statement.

Our site is a free game site, but more importantly, it is a private community of like-minded 42 players. Our community is a friendly, family-oriented site, where certain behavior will not be tolerated. We have found that if we know who our members are and where to reach them, we can better maintain our community's environment. People are less likely to be a problem if they have the accountability that giving out their personal information provides.

Site management has had to remove former members for their attitudes and behavior in the past. The only way to keep them out is to know who we let in. If we do not have a way to contact and verify new members, then those we do not desire on our site will have easy access to return, creating more problems and stirring up trouble on site, which we desire to avoid.

5. I want to join your site, and I understand why you are collecting information, but I really object to giving out my information. I won't be any trouble. Can I still join?

No. Your registration will be rejected without the requested information. If you feel that strongly about it, then save yourself and the site the time and trouble and do not apply.

42-Online Rules and Behavior

1. Do I have any restrictions in my actions on the 42-Online site?

Yes, you do. Please read the Rules of Conduct for expectations of your behavior on our site.

2. What happens if I violate the proper site conduct policy?

Violations are dealt with on a case by case basis, depending on severity of the violation and how new you may be. A violator may get a warning or be suspended or banned permanently from the site. Continual misconduct or repeat offenses will not be tolerated and you will not get to play on site if you do not follow the rules. Courtesy and kindness are expected to be the norm.

3. The Rules of Conduct state that no one is permitted to cheat and that no one is permitted to call out cheaters, either at the tables or in the lobby. What constitutes cheating? What forms of indicating are acceptable and which are considered cheating?

Cheating is using any means to communicate your hand to your partner that falls outside the bounds of acceptable indicating.
Cheating includes:
- using a phone or instant messaging system to communicate your hand or communicate to your partner what to play or what you have in your hand.
- talking across the table about the game before the hand is complete
- using pre-arranged signals for what a bid means or using code words in your conversation to indicate your hand
- using the blinking turn indicator as a counter to tell your partner what you have in your hand

Cheating DOES NOT include:
- standard indicating (see below)
- bidding 32 or more in 5's when you do not have the
- bids made because the bidder knows he cannot set the opponent with his current hand
- bids made because the bidder and his partner are way behind in score
- bids made just to see if the bidder can make it or for the fun of trying it
- bids made when on a lucky streak where everything seems to hit or fall right (which DOES happen)
- bids that you wouldn't make if you had the bidder's hand (just because YOU would not bid that on the hand doesn't make it wrong or cheating for someone else to)

Indicating is playing a specific domino to tell your partner something about your hand.

Indicating includes:
- allowing the first bidder for a team to use the 30 bid to indicate to his partner he has a helping hand
- when not leading, the playing of a low domino in a suit to "indicate" the holding of the double in that suit
- when not leading, the playing of a double in a different suit to "indicate" the holding of the next high domino of that suit
These are all legal plays and are not cheating. If all players are aware that indicating may be going on, then everyone knows the same information and can use it for their benefit. For more information on indicating, please click here


42-Online Hardware/Software Problems

1. I cannot log in - I keep getting a connection refused error. What do I do?

At times, we do have a problem with our server and it goes down. You can check with site management and see if the site is down for server issues by contacting them using Yahoo IM (for a list of site management folks check the 42-Online Contact page.) If this is your first time onsite, make sure your username and password are correct.

Occasionally there is an issue logging in if you are trying to play from work or from a location where there is a firewall. The firewall will interfere with the game program interface and, depending on the settings, will make it impossible to log in or play. If you think this might be your problem, check your computer security settings to be sure you do not have the firewall blocking your access. If you are on a computer at work, you may have to get approval from your company to get the firewall security requirements lowered or just not play from that location.

2. I keep getting disconnected or I am lagging badly on the game site. What do I do?

Repeated disconnections by only one person are usually an indication that they are having trouble with their own ISP connection. It can be a nagging problem on a dialup connection, especially during stressful times on the system, like bad weather. Usually you should shut down the connection and dial back in. Sometimes, you need to reboot your computer, or even reinstall the 42 software. If this is a big problem with several people on site, it should be reported to the site manager so that he can reboot the server at the next convenient opportunity.

3. I cannot get the program to work on my Macintosh. What can I do?

Short of buying a Windows machine...not much. 42-Online will not run on a Macintosh machine.