Rules of Conduct
Rules of Conduct
   We ask that you be on your best behavior while playing at 42-Online. This site is intended as a place where individuals and families can come play 42 without the rude behavior and foul language found at many places on the Internet today. To play 42 on this site, you are expected to adhere to the following rules of conduct; failure to do so will result in your privileges being suspended or revoked. Remember that playing onsite at 42-Online is a privilege, not a right. Playing onsite is considered your acknowledgement that you have read and agree to follow these rules and your continued playing onsite says you agree to any rules that may be added at a later date. You should access and read the rules for additions.



* Each person is permitted ONLY ONE screen nickname for use on 42-Online. Anyone found to have more than one screen nickname will have their access to 42-Online revoked.
* No person is to use another player's screen nickname for any reason. If you are on someone else's computer, type in your own screen nickname and login properly.
* No person is to loan their screen nickname to another player at any time. Using or loaning screen names that are not your own will also result in having your access revoked.
* Do not share your password or username with any other person, including family members. If additional family members want to participate, they need to register and play under their own username.
* Preserve the integrity of the username and password. These are individual and should remain so.
* Do not ask someone else to login on your account for them to register you for a tournament; if you cannot be there in time to register for yourself, you cannot play.
* 42-Online Admin Staff are permitted to use more than one username as deemed appropriate by the site manager.


* In a tournament game, two people may NOT partner with each other if they are located at the same residence, in the same building. See Tournament Etiquette below for more details.
* In a regular game, two people located at the same residence, in the same building may partner together as long as everybody at the table is in agreement with the arrangement prior to the start of play.


* If you are playing while at your workplace, please be courteous to those at your table. If you cannot give the game your full attention, please refrain from playing TOURNAMENT games at work as this slows down not only your table but the whole tournament which is not acceptable behavior. Remember you do not like to wait on others - thus they do not like to wait on you.
* As a courtesy to your boss and company, please consider their requests before playing from work on their computer equipment and on their time. Be sure you have permission before you start play.
* NOTE: Many companies have firewalls on their computer networks and 42-Online may not work properly from computers on those networks.

* Part of the agreement you make with 42-Online is that you will keep a current address, telephone number, and email address on file. Failure to do so will result in your access being suspended until this information is made current.
* Updates to your personal information can be made through the Personal Information section in the Members Area. When you update this information, your records will be updated only after a Staff Admin reviews and post it.


The main lobby and gaming tables are places where many different age groups are combined, and as such, you should refrain from using language or behaving in a manner that others may find offensive.

* Keep your language suitable for all age groups - NO name-calling, NO obscene, slanderous, insulting, or threatening language or other misconduct is allowed.
* NO profanity is allowed. Also any "hints" at profanity are prohibited as well (i.e. using acronyms to convey the same message)
* DO NOT FLOOD THE LOBBY. While requesting partners and announcing game table openings are two of the main purposes of the lobby, filling it to overflowing with repetition to where you message is the only message IS NOT acceptable.

* Courtesy is the key word for all we do at 42-Online. Treat all others with the utmost courtesy.
* Be friendly in the lobby and on the game tables. See General Game Table Etiquette for more details.
* 42-Online Admin Staff and TD Staff members are to be treated with respect. Listen to them and do as they request. If you disagree with them, please do so in a courteous manner.
* The ruling of a TD is final, so do not persist in arguing with a TD after a decision is reached. Excessive arguing with a TD in a discourteous manner will bring consequences.



* NO cheating is permitted on the site. The following items are considered as cheating:

* Using cell phones or IM (Yahoo, MSN, etc) to communicate with your partner
* Setting up bid definitions, signals, etc with your partner prior to a game
* Playing with a partner who is at the same location.
* Talking across the table during the game that affects the outcome of the game (for example, commenting on the contents of your hand; suggesting your partner bid or overbid, saying "I hit the wrong trumps" or "I was bidding nello low", etc). Wait until AFTER the hand is over before commenting on what you had in your hand ("I had a sevens hand" or any of the above comments).
* The following items are NOT considered as cheating:

* Indicating (the practice of using the first non-forced domino play to "indicate" a suggested play to a partner - see the 42-Online paper on Indicating for more information)
* Using the 30 bid to notify a partner that you have a helping hand (as long as "help" is not pre-defined between the bidder and his partner prior to the game)
* Bidding 2-marks without the double to your trump and making the bid
* Bidding 32 or above in 5's without the double 5
* Bidding and making any bid that may not seem logical or sensible to all players at the table
* Knowing how your partner plays and acting on known habits
* Being Lucky

* NO discussion of cheating is acceptable at the table or in the lobby in any form; this includes both direct accusations and subtle suggestive hints. The following are NOT permitted:

* Direct accusations: "You two just cheated...."
* Indirect accusations: "What kind of hocus pocus is that?..."
* Innuendo: "It will sure be nice to play an honest game..."
* If you have a complaint about suspected cheating, please contact the Site Manager at or contact the 42-Online Staff in private (IM, Yahoo Messenger or Email), but DO NOT use the lobby or the game table. Make it private and take it offline. It is suggested you make a copy of the table or lobby log for documentation.
* Any accusations of cheating need to be accompanied by PROOF. If you were accused of cheating, you would want the accuser to prove their case against you. You need to do likewise. Accusations should be directed to the Admin Staff in private for action.

* NO harassment is allowed. Harassment is the deliberate intent to disrupt/disturb others or bother others usually because you feel they have wronged you. This will NOT be tolerated.
* DO NOT follow persons from table to table. Stalking is harassment. (42-Online staff following the activities of certain players is not harassment, but necessary involvement in site operations)
* DO NOT continue to IM other persons if they have requested you to stop.
* DO NOT forfeit games against other teams you do not like because you do not like them or think they cheat. Deliberate forfeits like this are a form of harassment and will result in consequesces.
* DO NOT forfeit games when you are randomly assigned a partner you do not like. If you are not willing to play with anyone in the tournament as a partner, do not sign up. Forfeiting causes them to not get to play. Deliberate forfeits like this are a form of harassment and will result in consequences.

* Disputes of any kind are to be kept out of the lobby and off the tables. Take them to private messages between the parties involved and out of the main lobby and tables.

* No accusations of cheating are to be made on the table or in the lobby
* No fighting in the lobby or at the tables; participants who continue when told to stop by 42-Online staff will be subject to suspension or expulsion
* Online IM's and offline IM's can be used for discussion and resolution of disagreements. Online IM's are considered private territory, however abuse of the site IM system is grounds for suspension at the discretion of the site manager.
* Personal disputes between players and between players and TD's will be handled as follows:

* Players will be courteous to all other players at all times on the site, even if you do not like them or have a dispute with them.
* Players will not refuse to play a tournament game against any other player they have issue with. Players will not forfeit in order to avoid a game involving another player they have a disagreement or issue with. This is totally unfair to the other players at the table who want to play. Failure to comply will be met with consequences.
* Players will not avoid partnering with a person they have a dispute with if paired with that player by the computer. If a player is unwilling to partner with any other player who might enter a tournament, then they should find another partner or not participate. Failure to comply will be met with consequences.
* Players will be responsive to TD's in the lobby, at the tables, and in private IMs. Even if you have a dispute with a particular TD, you must still speak when spoken to and do so courteously. It is expected for you to respect the position of the TD, even if you have issue with that person. Failure to comply will be met with consequences.
* No player will threaten another player or the site with legal action regarding anything that transpires on the site. Any harassment issues should be documented and reported to the admin staff for disciplinary action. Any other threats made will result in consequences; given the nature of this action, the player making threats will be banned if the admin staff validates that a threat was made.

* Keep your language suitable for all age groups (see General Behavior above)

* The 42-Online forums, IM's, lobbies and game tables are not places to be selling goods or services. Do not use the site for selling products, recruiting distributors or customers or any other business activity of this nature. If you and another person want to discuss items of this nature, take them completely offsite.
* At a later date, 42-Online may consider a bulletin board in the Members area for the exchange of goods and services and the posting of such items, but it will be limited to that area alone if and when it is done. Until that time, it will be prohibited from the site.
* Each player shall not make comments during the game at times when their comments may give their partner a hint on what is in their hand or give their partner instructions on whether to bid or not.
* Any discussion of the game and what is in your hand must occur after a point when that comment might have influence on game play. It is quite acceptable to discuss a hand after it is completed or when the outcome is not in doubt. In other words, any information about your hand or status other than your bid or trump selection is inappropriate. Your play will reveal the story without written comments. It is not only what you say that you have to be careful about, but when you say it. For instance, a particular comment may be okay when said AFTER but not BEFORE play is made, so be cautious when you make a remark about the game. Even an "oops" or an "oh no" at a bad time can be wrong.
* The following is a list of statements that are illegal to make if spoken at a time that might influence game play. This is not an all inclusive list and statements that are similar are prohibited as well:
1. "Give me a marker and I will put some spots on these" (can be a hint to your pard you have low dominoes in your hand)
2. "I sure wish I could play 7's with this hand" (indicates type of hand to pard if said before or during play; would be ok after play is complete)
3. "Y'all are always bidding 35. Something funny going on" (no insinuations of cheating)
4. "I can't believe I bid that. Pard, you are going to have to save me."
5. "I selected the wrong trump" or "I hit the wrong trump" (clues partner in on what you do or do not have - could be said AFTER the hand is won or lost thought)
6. "Pard, we are in trouble now" (indicates need for help)
7. "Not again" (hints that hand is very similar to the previous one in some respect)
8. "Here we go again" (can be misconstrued several ways; don't say it)
9. "There is no nello in the rules. I thought there was. Where did the nello rule go?" (says I have a nello hand - could/should be said AFTER the hand is won or lost)
10. "I got another 7's hand" or "I got another nello hand" (conveys generally what is in the hand)
11. "Bid 'em up pard" or "We need the points pard" (said before a bid, this is an encouragement to bid and is prohibited; ok after bidding is complete)
* Do not make statements to try to influence your partner to bid or pass. Each player must choose to bid or pass based on their own hands and the contextual influences of the game (what the score is, who bid what, etc) without verbal input.
* Do not tell your partner, directly or indirectly, before or during the start of a hand to bid 2 marks. This is usually in context with a person wanting to bid 3 marks, often to catch up when behind in a game.
* Be very careful about declaring a laydown or claiming you have the rest of the tricks ("trao" or "tram" or "tray"). If there is any question, you must be able to prove it from the time you declared it forward to the end of the trick. If you wrongly declare and cannot prove it you must forfeit the game.

* Good etiquette is to be followed when at the game tables.
* Be courteous to your partner and opposing players. Friendly comments, like good game, good hand, etc are encouraged and promote an enjoyable atmosphere. It is a show of respect to all those at the table to greet them and wish them well and congratulate them if they win. It shows a lack of class on your part if you do not.
* Do not leave the table at the conclusion of a game until the computer tells you the game is complete. Continued early leaving to avoid a loss will lead to consequences.
* NEVER leave a game just because you are losing.
* NEVER accuse those at the table of cheating, either at the table or in the lobby. As has been discussed before and is worth mentioning again, do not accuse; do not hint at it; do not make any comment at all that can be misconstrued into a belief that you think they cheated. If the other team is offended by a statement you make as being a suggestion that they cheat, then it is inappropriate and such comments will bring consequences on you.
* Learn to be a gracious loser. If you cannot be a gracious loser, then do not play the game - you cannot win them all, even all the games you thought you had in the bag.
* Do not intentionally slow down the game by continued slow play, leaving your computer, etc. Be considerate of others and play in a timely fashion.
* If you leave due to an emergency, or if you do not show up to play due to an emergency, be sure to be courteous to the others playing. If possible, tell them it's an emergency before you leave, or leave a message. Be sure and get back with any you missed and make amends when you return.


* Tournament games, due to their time limits and popularity, have priority over non-tournament games. Cases will come up where a person needs to leave a regular game table to go play a tournament for which they are signed up. Leaving a table to do so should be done with courtesy.
* FINISH THE CURRENT HAND before leaving the game table. You have 5 minutes to get to your tournament game; do not leave abruptly with no warning.
* Be sure the others at the table know you are leaving early as far in advance as possible.
* If you have to leave early in a regular game, try to line up a replacement in the lobby. When requesting a replacement in the game and you do not want to start a new game, please advertise as such (ex: Need a replacement on Table 1000 to finish the game). Otherwise you need to start a new game when a new person joins the game.
* Two members in the same residence may be partners in a regular game only if they announce it to the other team before the game starts and there is no objection. If there is an objection, the two at the same residence must withdraw from the game.


* Do not start a tournament (or a non-tournament game) if you know you do not have time to finish (tournaments can take several hours, depending on the number playing).
* Be courteous by being prompt for your game. You will be subject to a forfeit if you are 5 minutes late to the table to start the game. If you have time to sign up for the tournament to play, you should be able to start it on time. If you do not think you can be prompt, please wait until the next tournament.
* In a tournament game, two people may NOT partner with each other if they are located at the same residence, in the same building. This situation is loaded with potential problems and will not be permitted on this site.

* No two members may be partners in a tournament if at the same residence, even if in different rooms
* Pairing of two individuals in the same building in any tournament game is not permitted. If the computer pairs up two individuals in the same building as partners during a tournament game, even if it is a random draw tournament, then these two individuals must forfeit the tournament.
* Two people living at the same address, including husbands and wives, may partner in a tournament as long as they are not physically in the same building (i.e.-same physical address) at the time of the game. One must be at another location.
* You may not register for a tournament if you are currently playing in another tournament. Only after you lose a tournament game or win the tournament are you free to register for another tournament. Failure to do this creates a time delay hardship on all the players, and is unfair to your partner(s). You will be forfeited out of both tournaments if you do so.

* Do not sign up for more than one tournament at a time. You must not be registered for, or playing in, more than one tournament at a time.
* Do not sign up for the next tournament until after you have been released by the computer in the current tournament
* Understand that if the computer says you have a "bye", you are still scheduled in that tournament, but there were an odd number of teams, so your team has to wait to play its first game. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER TOURNAMENT WHEN YOU GET A BYE.
* Do not sign up or play games on any other game site while you are currently playing a tournament on 42-Online. That is unfair to others on both sites.
* There are time limit restrictions for a player to arrive and check in at their table for a new tournament game, as well as a time restriction for how long a player can be gone from a table if they leave or are disconnected.

* Players have 5 minutes to report to the table to start a tournament game. The computer starts tracking the time after the game table is created. If, after the 5 minute notification, a player is missing, the team with both players present should page a TD to come to the table and forfeit the game in their favor, if the other team's representative does not initiate the forfeit. If the tardy player arrives before the TD arrives, play the game. The TD will only forfeit a table where a player is missing and the computer time stamp says the table has been idle five minutes or longer. In other words, if the missing player arrives before the game is forfeited by the TD then the game will be played. If no TD is available to come, then the 20 minute hard rule by the computer itself will prevail unless the other team courteously forfeits the game. TD's will not be penalized for this delay if they are taking care of site business.
* Players who get disconnected or leave a table for any other reason have 10 minutes to return to the table to avoid a forfeit. If, after the 10 minute notification, a player has not returned, the team with both players present should page a TD to come to the table and forfeit the game in their favor if the other team's representative does not initiate the forfeit. If a missing player arrives before the TD arrives, play the game. The TD will only forfeit a table where a player is missing and the computer time stamp says the table has been idle 10 minutes or longer. In other words, if the missing player arrives before the game is forfeited by the TD then the game will be played. If no TD is available to come, then the 20 minute hard rule by the computer itself will prevail unless the other team courteously forfeits the game.
* The team with both partners present shall NOT be rude or demanding to pressure the partner of the missing player to forfeit the game. All players shall be courteous and communicate in a friendly manner, even if both sides end up waiting the entire 20 minutes.
* The 5 or 10 minute delay penalties DO NOT apply to TD's or Admin Staff. If you are partner's with a TD or Admin Staff in a tournament game, DO NOT forfeit your game if they ARE NOT there before the 5 minute rule or the 10 minute rule if they are on site. Remember they have a job to do. The other team must never insist or even ask that the team with the TD/Admin Staff on it forfeit for failure to be at the game on time.
* Games where people are missing from both teams will be handled at the discretion of the TD.
* DO NOT PAGE A TD about a missing player if the designated times listed above have not already been met. The TD is not responsible to find them or call them. In most cases, there is nothing the TD can do. Please be courteous and only page a TD about missing players when a forfeit condition occurs.
* DO NOT PAGE A TD if you are partnered with a TD. They will get to the game as soon as they can. Do not forfeit the game even if it runs over the standard time limit; rather wait for them to return.
* If you register for a tournament without a partner, always wait until after that tournament starts before leaving the site. Do not assume that, if the tournament statement in the lobby reports that there are an odd number of participants, that you will be the one dropped. You may be playing and not know it. A player can register after the time limit if they already have the registration box open, so there may be a late registration that you are not aware of, so do not leave until you get a statement from the computer that you are dropped from the tournament.
* If you or your partner are having trouble staying connected to the game site and drop off from the game several times, usually for more than five minutes at a time, be courteous and forfeit the game.
* If you OR your partner are disconnected from the game site 1 time and drop off from the game more than ten minutes, be courteous and forfeit the game. Do not wait for the other team to page a TD; take the initiative, announce you are forfeiting, and then click on the forfeit button (under Tournament on the top menu).
* If a tournament locks up or crashes, DO NOT page or IM the TD's or Admin Staff. All this does is further lock up the Admin or TD's computer so that they cannot work the problem. Only contact them by an external IM if absolutely necessary (Yahoo). Remember, they cannot work the problem if they have to answer every page and IM coming in. Please give them the oppurtunity to deal with the issues and not add to them with extra pages and IM's.
* If a problem should arise during tournament play, please contact 42-Online Staff (TD or Admin) and whatever the Staff person decides is final.


* The lobby is a place for general communication that is visible to everyone on the site, whether they are in a game or not.
* Keep the lobby clean and fun. This is not a place for bad language, accusations, or flaming dialogue. Off color jokes and innuendos are out of line and should be kept out of the lobby.
* Criticism of the Admin Staff or TD's is not permitted in the lobby. Take it offline.
* The lobby is a place to line up a partner for an upcoming tournament or announce an open game. People requesting partners will post "inap" (I need a partner) or something similar. The rule of courtesy operates here. If you request a partner in the lobby, you take the first response you see. If you are not willing to do so, then do not ask of one, but arrange for a partner by IM or other means.
* The lobby is used by the Admin Staff and TD's for announcements. Please do not interrupt the announcements at these times; allow the staff to get the word out before asking a lot of questions.
* Using ALL CAPs in the lobby is reserved for the following:
1) Admin and TD announcements; occasional member announcements
2) Occasional use by members as the conversation dictates
DO NOT USE ALL CAPS as your regular means of conversation.
* Do not flood the lobby. Flooding the lobby is when you type in repetitious messages or lots of single digit messages so that only your messages can be seen in the lobby. This is not an acceptable means to getting other folks attention on the site, so do not do it.
* Repeated violations of lobby etiquette, like the violations elsewhere on the site, will cause the player doing it to be subject to consequences, including losing their privilege to play.


* Consequences for non-compliance with any of the rules of this site are at the discretion of the site manager.

* The site manager will decide what form of limitations will be applied: warning, forfeiture of games, probation, suspension, or total ban from the site.
* The site manager will determine the conditions for re-instatement (if any) of a suspended or banned player.
* Consequences for non-compliance are as follows:

1. Warnings

* Warnings are given out primarily to new members or first time offenders. A warning is given as a reminder of what the rule is, what is expected of the member, and as a courtesy to let the member know that what they did is not acceptable and will not be tolerated if continued.
* Members who have been on the site for 60 days or longer are expected to be very familiar with the rules. In many cases, a warning will not be given to those members who, in the eyes of the TD and Admin Staff, should know better (i.e. No warning will be given to such a member if they use profanity in the lobby)
2. Forfeiture of Games

* Games will be forfeited in the following conditions:

* A member signs up for two tournaments; both games will be forfeited
* A member's behavior is considered unacceptable (i.e. a member is disrespectful of a TD). This will be enforced at the discretion of the TD.
* A member who forfeits games because he doesn't like his opponents or partner is subject to forfeits in his next tournament(s).
* A member who forfeits a game to enter another tournament (invitational or other tournament), is subject to forfeits in his next tournament(s).
* A member who makes accusations of cheating of any member is subject to forfeits in his next tournament(s).
* The forfeit penalty is quite simple in most cases; if you cannot play nice, you cannot play.
3. Probation

* Probation is used in two instances. First, if a player is getting too many warnings but hasn't really done enough to be suspended, then they can be put on probation. The next violation, no matter what it is, will automatically draw a suspension. The second instance would be for a player returning from suspension. This member will be on probation for a period of time that correlates with the time of suspension. If they stay free of violations during their return from suspension, then the probation goes away and things return to normal. If they get into trouble during the probation time period, another suspension kicks in that is longer than the first.
4. Suspension

* A player is suspended when he violates the rules repeatedly or commits a major offense. The length of the suspension can be short (i.e 4 days) or long (i.e. 6 months), depending on the infraction.
* Items that frequently draw suspensions are profanity, repeatedly signing up in multiple tournaments, accusations of cheating and other things, harassment, or misbehavior at the tables or in the lobby.
* Users who have been suspended from using the site are to fulfill their suspensions to the letter as spelled out in the email they will receive when suspended. Violations during suspension can make their suspensions permanent.

* Suspended players are not to attempt to access 42-Online during their suspension.
* Suspended players are not to attempt to acquire a new username or use another's username, even to watch.
* 42-Online members are to not play in the presence of a suspended player or help them in any way to gain access to the site during their suspension. This is a good way for the player in good standing to be suspended as well.
5. Banishment

* Members are banished from the site for extreme misbehavior. Banishment can be for extremely long periods or permanently.

* Banned players are not to attempt to access 42-Online during their banishment (assuming it is not already permanent).
* Banished players are not to attempt to acquire a new username or use another's username, even to watch.
* 42-Online members are to not play in the presence of a banned player or help them in any way to gain access to the site during their banishment.


* A Tournament Director (TD) is a member who has been given the authority by the Admin Staff to maintain the 42-Online site, both in enforcing the site rules and in overseeing tournament operation. A TD is a staff position and is to be respected as the representative of the site manager and Admin Staff.
* Various responsibilities of a TD are as follows:

* A TD will maintain control over site tournaments. They have the ability to create or delete tournaments, modify tournaments not already in progress, or shut down tournaments that have locked up and cannot be continued. A TD's decision in these matters is final.
* A TD will maintain order on the site, both in tournaments and in other places. They will enforce the rules and have the authority to forfeit games and report violations to the Admin Staff for possible consequences. They are to be respected as representatives of the Admin Staff for possible consequences. They are to be respected as representatives of the Admin Staff and to be treated as if they were the Admin Staff themselves. Disrespect for them WILL NOT be tolerated. A TD is expected to conduct himself/herself in like manner, doing site business in a manner that is respectful of the members as well.
* A TD will work site issues as they come up. They will answer pages from the game tables and work whatever concerns that may arise. A TD's decision in these matters is final.
* A TD will help serve the site in the capacity of both a greeter and a trainer. New members should be able to get their questions answered here if they cannot get them answered by the membership.


* All decisions of the site manager and Admin Staff are final. You can appeal them directly to the Admin Staff for possible re-consideration and reversal. The Admin Staff has the authority to apply measures as deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of 42-Online, Keeping its environment as intended.
* Each time you end your session in 42-Online, please be courteous and log out of the game site. You may do this by right clicking on the bones icon on your windows toolbar and selecting exit. By doing this you let the current players know who is really there to play and not just a name showing in the lobby with no human being present. This is common courtesy to other players. Remember that 42 Staff will many times remain in the lobby and not be present in order to check the lobby periodically.