42-Online.net's Online Software Manual

Online Tournaments

Online tournaments are hosted throughout the day and are open to all 42-Online members. Registration for these tournaments opens 10 to 20 minutes before the tournament starts. Follow the steps below to play in an online tournament.

1. When registration for an online tournament opens, you will see a message in the lobby.

2. Go to "Tourney" and select "Register to participate in a tourney".

3. When the next screen opens, click the box beside "Select a tournament" and select the desired tournament.

4. You will notice that all the boxes on the left of the window have filled up with information about the selected tournament.

5. If the selected tournament is not random partners, you may enter the name of your partner in the box on the right. If it is a random tournament, a partner will be assigned to you at the start of the tournament.

6. Click the "Register" button.

If for some reason you need to unregister from a tournament, follow steps 1-4 above and click "Unregister".

When registering with a partner, both partners must enter the name of their partner. Failure of one partner to enter the other partner's name will most likely result in being teamed with someone else.

Once you have registered for a tournament, the 42-Online Today screen will appear. Under the tournament name, you will see that you have registered. You will also see one of several messages.

1. You have not yet selected a partner.

2. Your partner (partner's name) has not yet registered.

3. You partner (partner's name) has not selected a partner yet.

4. Your partner (partner's name) has selected another partner.

5. You are registered with (partner's name) as your partner.

You may return to the 42-Online Today screen to check your tournament registration status at anytime, by going to "Tools" and selecting 42-Online Today. For more information on the 42-Online Today screen, see "42-Online Today".

When the tournament begins, you will receive a message telling you which table to go to, to begin play. At the end of the game you will receive one of two messages. If you win, the message will tell you which table to go to next (message could be delayed if waiting for another tournament game to finish). If you lose you will receive a message telling you that you have been eliminated.

Between tournament games you can open the tournament control panel to see what is happening with the other tournament games. Go to "Tourney" and select "View results for a tourney in progress". Select the tournament and click "Tourney CPL".