Firewalls and 42-Online

Do you have a problem logging into 42-Online? Do you get an error message like this one (or something similar to it?)

This could arise from a firewall conflict on your computer. Many computers, for security reasons, now have installed firewalls for protection from intruders, and that is probably the case here. Almost every instance of a login access error of this sort can be resolved by checking the firewall installed on your system and making the proper adjustments for 42-Online.

The 42-Online program is designed such that part of the 42 program resides in a centralized location on a game server, while the rest of the program resides on each user's computer. In order to function properly, the two must be able to communicate back and forth without hindrance. Firewalls are designed as a protective feature to prohibit communications from an outside source to and from your computer without your permission. A firewall protection for your computer is an important feature to have to protect yourself and your data from an attack from persons unknown. Here lies the problem: the same firewall that protects you also blocks you from playing 42-Online.

There are two solutions to this problem. You can turn the firewall OFF, which leaves your computer susceptible to attack. Or, you can make the 42-Online software an EXCEPTION to the firewall. A good firewall will allow you to designate which programs you wish to run and allow their communications to pass through the blockade put up by the firewall. Those exchanges of information pass unhindered, while other communications you do not authorize remained blocked.

Below is an example of how to determine the status of your firwall and successfully permit the 42-Online program to run with the firewall in place. For our example, we will use the Windows Firewall provided in the Windows XP operating system.

To begin, click on START to bring up the main menu. Locate the section for CONTROL PANEL, and click on it. You should bring up the following screen, or something very similar to it.

Notice the option called SECURITY CENTER. Find it and double click on it. A WINDOWS SECURITY CENTER window will be opened, as shown below. Looking in the center part of the screen under SECURITY ESSENTIALS is the area we are most interested. There are three items listed: Firewall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection. At this time, we are only interested in the Firewall section.

Now, the first thing is to check the Firewall status. Notice in the example, the Firewall is ON. We have two options at this point: either turn it off (not recommended), or add 42-Online as an exception. For either choice, find the WINDOWS FIREWALL link at the bottom of the window and click on it. It will bring up another window, WINDOWS FIREWALL, shown below.

Here is the location you can either turn your firewall OFF or leave it ON. 42-Online recommends that you turn the firewall ON, but leave the DON'T ALLOW EXCEPTIONS checkbox BLANK. We want to add 42-Online to the exceptions list. The above screen shows the recommended settings.

Notice that at the top of this window are three tabs. GENERAL, EXCEPTIONS, and ADVANCED. Click on the center tab, EXCEPTIONS, to bring up the list of programs that are exceptions to the firewall. It should look like this.

42-Online is listed in the list shown above. Since this list is done alphabetically (and numbers come before letters), 42-Online, if on your list, will probably be at the top of the list. If you do not see 42-Online listed, you need to include it for 42-Online to operate properly. You do this by checking on the ADD PROGRAM button and selecting 42-Online from the list of programs installed on your computer. After you add 42-Online, you will return to the above screen. Verify 42-Online is on the list and that the checkbox to the left side IS CHECKED. At that point you are done. You may click the OK button at the bottom and leave the Windows Firewall. You may close out all the windows you opened in the Control Panel. You have now set up 42-Online as an exception to the Windows Firewall in Windows XP.

The next step is to see if this fixed your access problem. Try to log into 42-Online again. If that worked, great! If not, then you will need to investigate a bit further and see if, for some reason, you have another firewall in place. Yes, your computer could have multiple firewalls set up. You will have to find each and every one and either shut them off or make 42-Online an exception to them. At this time I do not have an example of the other firewall programs, but the most common ones used are the Zone Alarm and Norton. In each case you will have to go into their programs, much like we did with Windows Firewall on the Control Panel, find the firewall controls, and make the changes. After each change, try the 42-Online login again. When you get in, you will know you have cleared the last firewall.

Lastly, if you have internet access through a wireless satellite system, we have found that the ISP in many cases, puts in a firewall at their location. In these situations, there is nothing on our computer that you can do to get access. You will have to call your local ISP and discuss with them how to get your program past their firewall. It usually works best to have them turn their firewall off completely for you and use a firewall directly on your computer where you have the control of it.

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