42-Online.net's Online Software Manual

General Game Play


To host a new game with the rules of your choice;

1. From the main lobby, click on "Host" in the upper left corner.

2. On the next screen, select the rules you wish to play and click "OK"

3. When the table opens you may wait for others to join the table or you can add computer players by clicking "Bots" and selecting "Invite a bot to the table".

4. Once the table is full, select your partner and the game will began.


To join an existing table with an open seat, double click on the table in the main lobby.


If you want to watch a game in progress:

1. Single click on the desired game in the lobby screen so that it is highlighted.

2. Click on "Watch" at the top.


Once you are seated at a game table you will have several options at the top.

1. To leave a game table, click on "Leave Game".

2. If you are hosting the table, you will have an option to "Start a new game". Starting a new game will terminate the current game.

3. You can see the current rules for the table by going to "Tools" and selecting "Rules".

4. If you wish to see a play by play of the game as it progresses, go to "Tools" and select "Commentary".

5. To change the way things appear, such as domino color, go to "Tools" and select "Preferences".